Renewal Vehicle Inspection & Registration - Road Traffic Department

The Road Traffic Department facilitates the annual renewal of motor vehicles registration and inspection for licence disc that have expired or approaching expiration.


  1. Present the motor vehicle to your nearest Road Traffic Department in New Providence or the Family islands. The Administrator’s office will act on behalf of RTD in Bimini/Cat Cay, Harbor Island and Spanish Wells.
  2. Provide the Inspector at the location with all of your supporting documents.
  3. The Inspector will verify documents and perform the inspection on the vehicle. If vehicle fails the inspection the failure reason will be captured for RTD records.
  4. If the vehicle passes the inspection the owner will be given an Inspection Certificate of Fitness form to present to the Cashier.
  5. Upon payment of the the required fees by the owner, the Cashier will issue a new the Vehicle License Disc.

Supporting Documents Required

  • Valid Insurance Certificate or Cover Note
  • Valid Bahamian Driver’s Licence

 Vehicle Registration and Insurance Due Date

Vehicle Registration and Inspection expire on the last day of the vehicle owner’s birth month.

Related Fee(s)

Category Vehicle
Licence Fee
$160 $35
$560 $35
(over 15000lbs)
$710 $35


Related Fee(s)For more information please contact

Road Traffic Department
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New Providence
The Bahamas

Tel. (242) 302-3850
Fax. (242) 322-8910
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Road Traffic Department

Fort Charlotte
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Road Traffic Department

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Spanish Wells 

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Harbor Island 

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Bimini/Cat Cay

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Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm except on public holidays. These times are adjusted to 9am to 3pm on month end, which represents Government payday and five (5) working days after.