Duplicate Licences - Road Traffic Department

This service is provided for persons needing to replace their lost, stolen or damaged driver’s licence.


Applicant must be the holder of a valid driver’s licence


  1. A police report must be obtained from a police station within the community.
  2. The applicant must then complete a Research Information Form and submit all supporting documents to the Road Traffic Department, Driver’s Licence Unit.
  3. The Clerk will research the applicant’s driver licence record.
  4. After record has been found, payment has to be made to the cashier.
  5. Cashier will issue a receipt of payment to applicant.
  6. Upon further verification of all relevant information and documentation, the Photo Clerk will update and print the drivers licence.
  7. The duplicate driver’s licence would then be issued for the same period of the previous licence.

Application Form:

Research Information Form

Supporting Documents:

  • Completed Research Information Form
  • National Identification (i.e. passport or voter’s card).
  • Police Report
  • Non-Bahamians should present their passport and documents from The Bahamas Immigration Department permitting them to reside (this includes work permit, residency spouse certificate or residency to reside.

Turn-around time:

The duplicate licence will be provided the same day if all relevant documents are provided.


There are no deadlines for this service.

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Contact Us:

For more information, you may contact the Road Traffic Department at the address below:

Drivers’ Licence Unit:
Thomas A. Robinson Stadium
Eastern Entrance Section 4
P.O. Box N-1615
Nassau, The Bahamas

Agency Contact Info:
Road Traffic Department
Eastern Entrance Section 4
P O Box N-1615
Nassau, The Bahamas

Email: roadtraffic@bahamas.gov.bs

Tel.: (242) 604-5444 or 21

Fax: (242) 322-8910