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Persons learning to drive any vehicle must have a learner’s permit. In addition, permit  holders when driving any vehicle, must carry the prescribed “L” plates at the front and back of the vehicle.  Permit holders should always be accompanied by a person having a valid driver’s licence for not less than two years except when driving a bicycle, solo motor-cycle or any vehicle other than a motor vehicle, not constructed or adapted to carry more than one person.

Note:  A learner’s permit is only valid for six months.


  • You must be 17 years or older to apply for a learner’s permit.
  • Must have successfully pass the theory portion of the driving test.


  1. Applicants must apply in person and must provide proof that they have successfully passed the theory portion of the driving test.
  2. Complete and submit a Licence to Drive a Motor Vehicle Form along with supporting documents to the clerk at the Road Traffic Department, Driver’s Licence Unit, Clarence Bain Bldg.
  3. The clerk will verify all documents, if requirements are met, applicant will be presented with a bill for payment to the cashier.
  4. When payment has been made the cashier will issue a receipt of payment.  This receipt is to be returned to the clerk who will process your documents for issuance of a learner’s permit.
  5. Once documents have been verified, applicant will be called into the licence studio to have photo taken for the learner’s permit.
  6. After photo has been taken, applicant will be issued the learner’s permit  and can apply for the practical exam portion of the driving test.

Application Form:

Licence to Drive a Motor Vehicle Form

Supporting Documents:

  • Passport or Voter’s Card
  • National Insurance Smart Card
  • Birth Certificate along with an Official Picture ID
  • Non-Bahamians should present Passport, Permit to Reside, issued by The Bahamas Immigration Department (Work Permit, Residency Permit, Spousal Permit or Permanent Resident Permit).

Turn-around time:

The learner’s permit can be provided within the same day of your visit to the Road Traffic Department once all required documents are presented and fees are paid.

Please Note: Non-Bahamians must be interviewed before receiving any driving credentials in The Bahamas. The interview will include the testing of the applicant’s knowledge of the Bahamas Highway Codes.

Related Fee:


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