RTD Launches New Computerized Transport Management System (TMS)

The Road Traffic Department has launched a computerized, Transport Management System “TMS” in New Providence, Grand Bahama, Eleuthera and Abaco.  All other Family Islands will be transitioned to this system in the near future.

Upon your first visit to the department, you will go through a client registration process.  After registering, you will receive a Transport Management Number or “TMN”, which is your unique number with The Road Traffic Department.  You will need to do this only once and any further interaction with the department will be with this number.  This number will appear on all documents received from the department including your Driver’s Licence. To register you will need the following:

Individuals (Citizens):

  1. Passport or Voters Card
  2. NIB Smart Card
  3. Driver’s Licence
  4. Death certificate ( for shared ownership where one is deceased)

Individuals (Non-Citizens):

  1. Passport (use the Passport number in the NIB field)
  2. Residency Permit of one of the below forms:
    1. Work Permit
    2. Spousal Permit
    3. Temporary Residency Permit
    4. Home Owner Card
    5. Immigration Stamp in Passport

Business & Companies:

  1. Passport or Voter’s Card (not for incorporated companies)
  2. NIB Smart Card (not for incorporated companies)
  3. Valid Business Licence with TIN or Certificate of Incorporation if it is a holding company.
  4. Company National Insurance Number


  1. Passport or Voter’s Card
  2. NIB Smart Card
  3. Valid Grant/Approval Letter
  4. Valid Business License with TIN
  5. Route Letter ( Jitney)


Any one of these:

  1. Articles of Association
  2. Letter of Incorporation
  3. Declaration from the Board of Trustees