Transport Policy And Planning Unit - Road Traffic Department

The Transport Policy and Planning Unit was formed by the Government of The Bahamas as an initiative to develop its policy and planning capabilities in the transport sector.  The current focus of the unit is to deal with surface transport issues relating to improving the road traffic situation in New Providence.  It will also serve as a vehicle for implementing government policies and introducing new systems and procedures in the transport sector.

Current List of Specific Projects:

  1. The unification of the public bus system for New Providence
  2. The development of a National Road Safety Strategy
  3. The development of a National Road Safety Action Plan
  4. Review of the Road Traffic Act
  5. Re-establishment of a crash database system
  6. A study of the economic alternatives to reduce automobile use
  7. Facilitation of school transportation
  8. Updating of the existing driver’s learner education manual
  9. The development of a driver instructor’s manual
  10. The development of a driving school “Code of Practice”
  11. A review of current driver licence categories in The Bahamas
  12. Development of a registration system for driving school instructors
  13. Development of a driver examiner handbook
  14. Development of a road curriculum for senior high school level students
  15. Preparation of a Transport and Traffic Management Plan for Downtown Nassau

Contact Information:

Transport Policy and Planning Unit
Manx Building West Bay Street
Phone: (242)328-2701
Fax: (242)3281324