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A Bahamian driver’s licence allows persons to drive legally on the streets of The Bahamas.  Driving without a valid drivers licence is an offence, hence, drivers should always make sure that licences are valid at all times.

Drivers’ licences can be renewed for either one or three years.  Persons obtaining a Bahamian drivers licence for the first time, either by way of passing the driving test or transfer can only have their licence for a period of one year, after which, the licence must be renewed.


Applicants must have an existing Bahamian driver’s licence.


  1. Complete a Client Registration with a Customer Service Representative “CSR” if not already completed.
  2. Take a photo with a CSR (All persons renewing will need to take a new photo in the first year).
  3. Inform the CSR whether you are renewing for 1 or 3 years.
  4. Sign when the CSR asks.
  5. Pay the cashier and depending on your location, you will receive your driver’s licence or  a receipt to return and collect as per “Turn Around Times” outlined below.

Please Note:  Applicant must notify the cashier immediately of any changes to their driver’s licence (i.e. name changes, physical changes, amendments) and must provide all supporting documents (i.e. passport, marriage certificate, divorce document etc.) when changing any information on licence.

  Supporting Documents:

  • Expired Driver’s Licence
  • Passport (if necessary)
  • National Insurance Card (if necessary)
  • Non-Bahamians should present their Passport, Permit to Reside, issued by The Bahamas Immigration Department (Work Permit, Residency Permit, Spousal Permit or Permanent Resident Permit), or any other proof of residency and a copy of a Driver’s Licence.

Turn-around time:

Once all the requirements are met, the renewed licence can be issued as follows:

  1. New Providence Stadium Office and Freeport Office – SAME DAY
  2. Carmichael Rd Office – NEXT DAY
  3. All Abaco Offices – ONE WEEK
  4. All Eleuthera Offices – ONE WEEK


A driver’s licence must be renewed at the end of your birth month after one or three years.

Related Fees:

1 year – BS$20.00

3 years – BS$60.00

Contact Us:

For more information, you may contact the Road Traffic Department at the address below:

Drivers’ Licence Unit:
Thomas A. Robinson Stadium
Eastern Entrance Section 4
P.O. Box N-1615
Nassau, The Bahamas

Agency Contact Info:
Road Traffic Department
Eastern Entrance Section 4
P O Box N-1615
Nassau, The Bahamas


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