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The second phase of the Drivers Licence Test consists of a practical examination designed to test the applicant’s ability to driving a motor vehicle.


You should have successfully completed the theoretical driving test examination to qualify to take the practical examination.

Supporting Documents:

  • Valid Government issued identification (Passport, Voter’s Card or Birth Certificate)
  • National Insurance Smart Card
  • Non-Bahamians should present Passport, Permission to Reside (via Work Permit issued by The Bahamas Immigration Department), Residency, Spousal Permit or Permanent Resident


  • Present your Transport Management Number (TMN) received during registration to Customer Service Representative (CSR).
  • CSR will confirm applicant’s identity and successful completion of the theoretical examination.
  • Examiner will perform an inspection of the vehicle provided for the test.
  • Once the vehicle passes the inspection, the Examiner will conduct the practical exam.
  • On completion of the practical test, applicant will immediately be informed of the results.
  • Applicant will return in 2 working days to receive their Driver’s Licence.

Please Note:  Practical exam appointments are Monday to Friday, 9am – 3pm (except during lunch lpm – 2pm). Further, on days when there is inclement weather the Chief Examiner would make a determination whether conditions are safe to conduct the driving test; else test would be postponed without cost to the applicant, however, applicant must be present.


Additional Details:

On the day of the test applicant must present:

  • A valid learner’s permit
  • A vehicle to be used for the examination (please note that the vehicle will be inspected for road worthiness before the examination can begin.
  • A sign with the letter “L” in red on a white background must be placed on the front windshield and the rear back glass
  • A licensed driver must accompany the applicant to the office on the day of the test and must have a valid Drivers Licence for a period not less than one year in their possession for verification.
  • A receipt of payment for the examination
  • A Valid Passport
  • A National Insurance Smart Card

Please note: Non-Bahamians should present Passport; permit to reside in The Bahamas issued by The Bahamas Immigration Department, via Work Permit, residency Spouse Certificate or Residency to reside.



 Turn-around time:

  • Practical test appointments are given on a first come basis, therefore, applicants would receive the next available appointment.
  • If an applicant fails the practical test there is a waiting period of 30 days before they can resume the process.
  • 2 working days to process Driver’s Licence application.

Please Note: In some instances further processing of some applicants may be necessary.

Related Fee:

The fee of BS$15.00 covers the cost of the theory examination and the practical examination. If you fail the theory examination, you will be allowed to re-take the examination at no cost. However, you will have to pay another BS$15.00 to take the practical examination.

Contact Us:

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