Areas of Responsibility - Road Traffic Department


Key Areas of Responsibility at RTD:

  • Assist in the development, implementation and execution of road traffic laws and regulations as it relates to road users in the country
  • Registration, renewal and transfer of vehicles
  • Testing the driving competence of individuals desiring a driving licence
  • Issuance of various types of licenses that allow persons to drive legally in the Bahamas and abroad
  • Inspect vehicles for road worthiness
  • Issue vehicle licences plates (cars, motorcycles, franchises, on trade (OT) etc.)
  • Promotion of road safety nationally
  • Provide road safety education to all road users
  • Registration of public transportation franchises
  • Regulate public service transportation industry
  • Collection of road fees and taxes related to public and private transportation

Units within the Road Traffic Department:

  • Transport Policy & Planning Unit (TPPU)
  • Learners Permit/Provisional Licence Unit
  • Examination Unit
  • Driver’s Licences Unit
  • Vehicle Registration & Inspection Unit
  • Franchise Unit
  • Data Management Unit
  • Accounts
  • Supervisor Unit
  • Complaints Unit

Key Functions & Responsibilities of Each Unit:

  1. Transport Policy & Planning Unit (TPPU) – Formed by the government as an initiative to develop its policy and planning capabilities in the transport sector. The current focus of the unit is to handle surface transport issues relating to improving the road traffic situation in New Providence. It will also serve as a vehicle for implementing government policies and introducing new systems and procedures in the transport sector.
  2. Learner’s Permit/Provisional Licence Unit – Issuance of learners’ permits or provisional licences.
  3. Examination Unit – Facilitates the theory and practical testing necessary for obtaining a driver’s licence. This unit also assist with the interview process of persons requesting the transfer of Family Island and foreign licences.
  4. Driver’s Licences Unit – Responsible for issuing and renewal of driver’s licences.
  5. Vehicle Registration Unit– Facilitates registration, renewal and transfer of vehicles.
  6. Inspection Unit – Ensure that motor vehicles are inspected and deemed road worthy.
  7. Franchise Unit – Responsible for the management of public franchises in the country (grant, licensing, transfer, etc.).
  8. Data Management Unit– Responsible for collection, entering, cleaning, and processing of Road Traffic information.
  9. Accounts Unit – Collects, measures, processes and communicates financial information about the Department.
  10. Supervisory Unit – The uniform branch of the Department which enforces the laws of The Bahamas as it relates to public service drivers.
  11. Complaints Unit – Receives complaints from members of the public as it relates to public service drivers.