On-Trade Plates (OT) - Road Traffic Department

On-Trade (OT) plates will  ONLY be approved for use to businesses that sell, service or repair motor vehicles. These businesses are only allowed to use plates for:

  • Delivery of the vehicle to that holder’s place of business
  • To test of the vehicle after manufacture, modification or repair
  • Testing of the vehicle by a prospective purchaser

OT Plates can be used any day between the hours 9am and 5pm Monday – Friday.


  1. Submit a letter to the Road Traffic Controller requesting an On-Trade (OT) Plate
  2. The applicant’s request will be reviewed and an inspection of the business premises will be scheduled.
  3. Once the inspector completes the inspection of the premises, a report on the will be sent to the Controller’s office.
  4. The Controller will review the report and choose to deny or grant the OT plate.
  5. The RTD department will contact the applicant and advise them of the Controller’s decision.
  6. If granted, the applicant will have to visit their most convenient RTD office for the company to be registered to receive a Transport Management Number (TMN).
  7. Upon payment of the the required fees by the business owner, the Cashier will issue the OT plate

Supporting Documents

  • Grant letter
  • Business Licence (Current)
  • Valid Insurance (For each plated granted)
  • Proof of Identity Documents (Passport or Voters Card)


Related Fee(s)

Licence Fee Plate Fee
$160 $15

Please note: Plate fee is a one time fee for new plates.

For more information please contact

Road Traffic Department
Thomas A. Robinson
National Stadium
P.O. Box N 1615
New Providence
The Bahamas


(242) 604-5402
(242) 604-5423
(242) 604-5424

Email : roadtraffic@bahamas.gov.bs


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