Tour Car - Road Traffic Department

This service is for the registration of a vehicle bearing a Tour Car Plate. Tour Car vehicles are used for the operation of prearranged tour transfers or sightseeing tours.


  1. Submit a application for Tour Car plate to the Franchise Unit at the Road Traffic Department
  2. Once approved for the Tour Car plate, a Grant Letter will be issued to the applicant
  3. Apply for a Public Service Driver’s Licence at the Road Traffic Department. Once approved the Licence will be issued at RTD.
  4. Present the motor vehicle to your nearest Road Traffic Department in New Providence or the Family islands. The Administrator’s office will act on behalf of RTD in Bimini/Cat Cay, Harbor Island and Spanish Wells.
  5. Provide the Inspector at the location with all of your supporting documents.
  6. The Inspector will verify documents and perform the inspection on the vehicle. Please note that the Route must be adorned to the vehicle at the time of inspection. If vehicle fails the inspection the failure reason will be captured for RTD records.
  7. If the vehicle passes the inspection the owner will be given a Inspection Certificate of Fitness form for the owner to present to the Customer Service Representative.
  8. The Customer Service Representative will capture the identity and vehicle supporting documents. Once these documents are verified the owner will be registered in the Transport Management System. At this time the owner will be assigned a Transport Management Number (TMN).
  9. Your vehicle will be registered under your TMN.
  10. Upon payment of the the required fees by the owner, the Cashier will issue the Vehicle License Disc, a Title Certificate and new motor vehicle licence plates.

 Supporting Documents:

  • Valid Public Service Driver’s Licence
  • Valid Insurance Certificate or Insurance Cover Note
  • Valid Business Licence
  • Franchise Grant Letter

Related Fee(s):

Category Vehicle
Licence Fee
Plate Fees
(New Plates)
Public Service Fee
$160 $35 $15 $15 $20
$560 $35 $15 $15 $20
(over 15000lbs)
$710 $35 $15 $15 $20


Application Form:

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For more information, you may contact the Road Traffic Department at the address below:

Franchise Unit:

Thomas A. Robinson Stadium
Eastern Entrance Section 4
P.O. Box N-1615
Nassau, The Bahamas

Tel.: (242)604-5423-6  |  (242)604-5434


Agency Contact Info:

Road Traffic Department
Eastern Entrance Section 4
P O Box N-1615
Nassau, The Bahamas


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