Minister Gibson Announced More Structured Training in Government Ministries

Authored by: Gena Gibbs
Source: Bahamas Information Services
Date: April 4, 2016


NASSAU, The Bahamas — Minister of Labour, National Insurance, and the

Public Service, the Hon. D. Shane Gibson announced in the House of

Assembly, Bay Street, on March 30th, that the Policy and Planning

Unit, which is responsible for securing the priority training areas in

the Public Service for the purpose of granting In-Service Training

Awards, Education & Training and Remuneration in the Public Service,

has completed a document relevant to Training Awards that has been circulated to the various Ministries and Departments.


“The Ministry will now have a more structured training and educational

program,” he said.


This information is also being used, he said, to determine the

courses offered by the Public Service Centre for Human Resource

Development (PSCHRD).  Greater emphasis is now placed on Customer Service programs; and a return to the original intent of the Upgrading Courses for B-G-C-S-E, B-J-C and Pitman, which was to enable employees to

obtain additional qualifications in order to secure promotions,” said

Minister Gibson.


“Further, the PSCHRD is in the process of obtaining approval for the

acceptance of a program to train persons, who are interested in Human

Resources for deployment to those Agencies where there is a need. We

expect this program to begin early in the new budget year.”


Minister Gibson added that this will be replicated for Records

Management Units or Registries, and Secretaries and Personal

Assistants and these courses will result in the professional

certification of these officers.