Ministry of the Public Service Working to Find Suitable Government Ministry Accommodations

Authored by: Gena Gibbs
Source: Bahamas Information Services
Date: April 4, 2016


NASSAU, The Bahamas — The Ministry of the Public Service announced in the Mid-Year Budget in the House of Assembly, March 30th, that it is going to great lengths to find suitable accommodations for government ministries, and has been successful in relocating the majority of ministries in dire need of new location.


The Hon. D. Shane Gibson, Minister of Labour, National Insurance, and the Public Service said: “The provision of adequate facilities and accommodations for over 18,000 public officers and the many agencies is a major responsibility.  Though it is the Government’s intention to house as many ministries and departments in government-owned quarters [as possible] over the long term, this deficit makes us duty-bound to find adequate rental spaces until such time.”


Gibson said departments and agencies housed in the Clarence Bain

building are on a high priority list for relocation, as was the

Department of Statistics, which was recently moved to Madiera Street

in Palmdale.  Also on that list was the Road Traffic Department,

Social Services Department, the Department of Public Health, the

Department of Labour, and the Eugene Dupuch Law School.


“Though not everyone agrees with the lease advanced by the Government,

I once again express our gratitude to those property owners who have

graciously consented to accept the Government’s policy of $25 per

square-foot which includes common area maintenance.  This concession,

all would agree, is favorable to the Ministry’s budget and to the

Government,” said Minister Gibson.


In addition, the priority list includes the Ministry of Tourism, the

Bahamas National Geographic Information Systems (BNGIS), the

Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Bilney

Lane Children’s Home.