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Vehicle Licence Process

This process includes: inspection of vehicle, registration of client and licencing of vehicle

  1. Inspection

This is the first aspect of the process. Before one begin the process individuals presenting a vehicle for inspection must have the required documents. The documents are listed below.

  1. Client Registration

The following documents are required for client registration

  1. a) A valid passport or Voter’s Card
  2. b) NIB Smart Card
  3. c) Driver’s Licence

The next step in the process is registration of vehicle


  1. Registration and Licencing of Vehicle

The following are needed for registering and licencing vehicles

  1. a) Renewal – Your Vehicle Disc & A Valid Insurance Certificate
  2. b) Transfer of Ownership – A Bill of Sale, Vehicle Disc signed by the seller, Verification of Chassis check by the police & A Valid Insurance Certificate
  3. c) New Vehicle – A Bill of Sale/Invoice, A Customs Import Document & A Valid Insurance Certificate.


  1. Franchise and Company Vehicle Registration and Licencing

While all vehicles must comply with the basic requirements for registration and licenceing as outlined above, the following additional documents are needed to complete these processes:

  1. Company Vehicles

Companies are required to provide a copy of their business licence.

For the licencing OT Plates customers are required to provide a copy of their business licence and a valid certificate of insurance

  1. Franchise Vehicles

Other documents include business licence, evidence of franchise fee payment (receipt)


  1. Payment of fees


The fees for licencing of vehicle are based on the curb weight:

Class A (0-5,000 lbs.) $195             Class B (5,001-15,000) $599          Class C (15,001 +) $745 (These fees include vehicle inspection)

Reservation of Plates $50.00       First Set of Plates $15.00 (onetime fee)

Replacement Plates (double) $10 Replacement Plates (single) $5               OT Plates $175

Title Certificate (onetime fee) $15.00