New Vehicle Licence Process

Successful completion of the Vehicle Inspection Process qualifies the individual to become a Road Traffic Department client through a Registration procedure


Registration – A New Step

Registration introduces the change… the first phase of our electronic workflow system which is a two step process.

Client registration requires you to present the following documents…your Passport or Voter’s Card, NIB card, and Driver’s Licence.

Once your information is entered into the system, you will officially be registered as a Road Traffic Department client.

You will then receive a Client Identification Number – called a Transport Management Number (TMN)


Vehicle Licencing

When licencing a vehicle you would need the following documents:

  • New vehicles must have – a purchase invoice, a customs import document if imported, a bill of sale if imported by another individual or company and a valid insurance certificate
  • For renewals – your vehicle disc and a valid insurance certificate
  • Transfer of ownership – your bill of sale, vehicle disc signed by the seller, chasis checked by the police and a valid insurance certificate


Payment & Receipt of Documents

The final step requires you to present your client number to a Customer Service Representative and submit your payment.  You can pay by cash, credit card, debit card or certified cheques.

At this point you receive all of your assets or documents which are:

  • A Windshield Disc
  • Licence Plates and
  • A Title Certificate