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Authored by: Bahamas Information Services
Source: Bahamas Information Services
Date: April 7, 2016


The Bahamas – April 7 , 2016 — NHI Bahamas has released a new 60 second video depicting how NHI Bahamas’ Primary Care phase, once implemented, will impact the lives of ordinary, everyday Bahamians.


The commercial depicts, through the eyes of a young girl, the ways in which primary care, once launched, will help the various people in her life, and put them on a healthier path. This is one family, her family, but it is also all of our families.


“While we may try to shield children from some of the realities of adult life – health problems, financial difficulties and the like – we know that they feel when those around them struggle. But they also know when something is there to help,” says Permanent Secretary for NHI, Peter Deveaux-Isaacs. “This video shows how NHI Bahamas will help the people that this child loves. Once people are unburdened by the financial cost and access to care, they can focus on leading healthier and more productive lives.”


He continued by saying, “As we have stated, we are taking the time to get NHI Bahamas implemented the right way, not the fastest way. Between now and the launch of the enrolment and primary care phases of NHI Bahamas, our goal is to educate the public on how, in a very tangible way, they can benefit from having a more modern, affordable and accessible health care system.”


The Permanent Secretary describes the various scenarios depicted in the new NHI Bahamas commercial:


“We meet the child’s pregnant mother, who worries about the health of her unborn baby. Since she has been a single mother for a while now, she knows it is up to her to provide the best care for both her children. Once the primary care phase of NHI Bahamas begins, she can receive pre-natal care, ultrasounds, and advice on nutrition and vitamins from her primary care provider. She can access modern health services at no cost to her at the point of care. Her story shows that NHI Bahamas is modern.


“We meet the child’s aunt and uncle. Her uncle has been feeling unwell for a while but as stubborn as men can be, he refuses to go to the doctor. He is constantly tired, gets winded performing regular tasks and often experiences chest pain. He worries he would have to stand in line at a clinic for hours, which would require him to take time off work. He would also have to pay to receive imaging and testing. His wife suspects health problems that could get out of control if they aren’t dealt with soon. As husbands and wives often do, they row about him putting off going to the doctor. NHI Bahamas will provide the child’s uncle with a choice to see a registered doctor in the public or the private sector. Now that he and others can choose to access health services where they wish (as long as the providers are registered and certified with the NHI Authority), he may not have to wait as long to see a doctor. He can now also get his blood pressure and cholesterol checked, receive an EKG, and get medication to ensure his risk of heart disease is lowered – all this at no cost to him at the point of service. His story shows that NHI Bahamas is accessible.


“And finally we meet the child’s Grammy. Not yet 65 years old, she has worked her entire life to support her family. Money is tight, as it has always been. She is battling arthritis in her joints. It pains her to not be as mobile as she used to be, to play with her granddaughter as she once did. Grammy portions out her hard earned money to pay her bills and a little bit of the remaining funds on some arthritis medication, which she might only take every few days so it will last longer. She has little bit left to save for a trip with her granddaughter. Once the primary care phase of NHI Bahamas begins, her arthritis medication will be paid for by the Government through NHI Bahamas, and she can save more money for this special trip. Grammy’s story shows that NHI Bahamas is affordable.”


The video concludes with the child saying “This is my NHI. What’s yours?”


The NHI Secretariat urges all Bahamians to think about how the NHI Bahamas primary care phase will help you and your family – answer the question: What’s your NHI? And respond using the hashtag #MyNHI.


Bahamians are also reminded that these services will be available only when the primary care phase of NHI Bahamas begins, and that you must get your NIB Smart Card to be prepared for enrolment in the programme.


The Permanent Secretary concluded, “It may not be able to solve all your problems, but once NHI Bahamas is implemented, many Bahamians will have one less thing to worry about. This is #MyNHI. What is yours?”


The new commercial and more information on NHI Bahamas can be found at www.nhibahamas.gov.bs.


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