Road Traffic Department Begins Transition Process

The Road Traffic Department is pleased to announce the relocation of its Vehicle Licencing and Inspection services from the existing headquarters at the Clarence A. Bain Building to offices in the Eastern Grandstand of the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium.


This re-location paves the way for the phased implementation of the Department’s Modernization Plan. Once completed and fully operational, this project will establish an electronic workflow system in every aspect of the Vehicle and Driver’s Licence processes and will create a more customer focused environment that provides quality, efficient service to the public while significantly reducing the opportunities for malfeasance and abuse.


The relocation to the new temporary quarters at the National Stadium allows for the incremental implementation of phase one. We will introduce the electronic system on Tuesday, October 17th, affording the Department the opportunity to begin testing all aspects of two of the steps of the electronic workflow.


While we continue to work to create a complete, comprehensive electronic workflow in phase one of the project, we have concentrated on the Registration and Vehicle Licence process for Private Citizens, Businesses and Franchises. We will spend the introductory three-week period ensuring that we are able to execute efficiently, while effectively dealing with ALL customer concerns or complaints in a professional and timely manner.  Further, the initial step in the process which requires Customer Registration is new for the Department and the client. We want to ensure that both the public and our registration officers fully understand the process before full implementation.


We will officially introduce phase one of the electronic workflow system on Monday, November 7th, 2016.


As mentioned earlier, Client Registration is a new step in the process and requires every individual, business or franchise to provide pertinent information into the system and present the required supporting documentation for verification. Individuals can pre-register online but will be required to bring the required documents once they present themselves to the Department to execute the process.


Upon completion of registration, individuals, businesses or franchises will be required to submit payment to the Customer Service Representative in the payment area and collect the appropriate licencing documents.  This new system will remove personal information from windshield discs and create an electronic system of identifying the owner of the vehicle and other personal information required.


We wish to advise that in this initial phase, vehicle inspection will remain a manual process. This is a temporary situation as we continue to work to fully introduce the electronic workflow and will not negatively impact the process. An Inspection Centre will be established in the East Parking Lot of the Stadium, just outside the new temporary location.


The Carmichael Centre will be relocated to the Offices of the Department of Inland Revenue and in addition to vehicle inspection will provide vehicle licencing through the electronic workflow system.


We wish to advise that, for the next two months, Driver’s Licence services will continue at the Clarence A. Bain Building. We are working to relocate that service to the National Stadium offices and introduce the new Driver’s Licence as part of our new electronic workflow.


The public should be advised that the existing system of Vehicle Licencing during the month of your birth will continue. There will be NO change to that process and we are NOT requiring everyone to change to the new system when we introduce the process next month. Only persons whose Vehicle Licences expire during the month of October will be required to renew using the NEW system. We will continue the established orderly process that currently exists, requiring only residents born in the specific month to register, inspect and licence their vehicles.


Similarly, the same process that exists for businesses and franchises will continue as well.